Tips to Help You Attract Your Dream Tenants

dream house

Being a residential property manager, you perhaps know by now that everything would be really simple if all your tenants were great tenants. While you can always focus on getting good tenants by coming up with a solid tenant screening plan or by using a tenant retention policy; you should also make it a point to ensure that your property listing stands out.

Just like you’re looking forward to have quality renters in your property, good renters would also want to associate with a quality property manager. How can you be the ideal property manager? Well, the idea is simple; list a good property, use contemporary tools for communication and introduce attractive perks or incentives.

Once you follow the right strategies, you will automatically attract tenants who are open to communication, are looking to follow fair policies and who truly value order.

How should you start?

Come up with compelling property listings

When it comes to getting your property listed for rent, a good question to ask yourself is, why would a prospective tenant choose your property over a similar listing down the street. Particularly, if the concerned listing is available at a lower price. You need to find the right reasons and highlight them in your listing. You need to let your renters know why your property is an edge ahead of your competitors.

For instance, if your Greenville property is located near the downtown abbey, close to the subway station, within a reliable school district, comes with top notch security, has great access to internet and offers climate control; make it a point to highlight these perks.

Use modern property management tools

modern property

The new age renters value online listings that come with easy options for payment. Online listings that are offered with a good property management tool- will appeal to the modern renters and gain their confidence.

Your prospective renters will have a greater interest in living in your listed property if you let them conduct the business and communication with a computer, tablet or Smartphone.

State your rental standards clearly in the listing

Does your listing have any minimum credit requirement? Does it require a guarantor? If by chance it does, get them published in your listing, from the beginning.

Most of the high-credit tenants look forward to rent properties where the standards are high. Once you advertise these rules, you will start to draw in quality prospects.

When you mention your renting standards from the beginning, you will end up saving time. Any low-income renters that don’t meet your requirements, won’t be communicating with you in the first place.

Let your tenants choose their way of communication

Do you know if your potential tenant prefers communicating via phone calls, direct messages or email? Well, the answer is likely to vary according to their age and tech savviness.

You might not be aware of the best ways of reaching out to your potential tenants, but then again, you can definitely come up with some of the best options for them. For instance, before you start out, ask them about their preferred way of communicating. This will help them to be more comfortable and free while you talk over your listing.

Try offering handouts

Yes. Handouts are definitely not out of fashion and you can always get them printed for your open houses or individual listing. You can also make these listings available on your property’s website.

These one-page sheets should feature the most relevant details about your property. If you’re planning to hand them out individually, then try using a fridge magnet that comes with your company logo, your contact details and the address of your website.

Offers perks for quick applications


Some properties do incredibly well by coming up with quality incentives for the tenants who submit their approved

documents within a certain date.

You can follow the same strategy and come up with lucrative offers like a pre-installed smart TV, a free wi-fi upgrade or a 20% discount on the first month’s rent.

Once you follow these guidelines you will definitely be able to attract quality tenants who will keep your property in good shape and pay you in a timely manner.

So, invest a little more to attract good tenants who will save both your time and money in the long run.

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