Best Neighborhoods to Live in Greenville, SC

Greenville, SC may not be a big city, but it definitely has everything you need. There are many attractions for people of all aged to enjoy. For instance, its abundance of parks, sports centers, jogging trails, playgrounds, ball fields, shopping options and more.

Moreover, there’re many communities, each built with distinct features. The variety of housing options ensure that there’s always place for everyone. So if you’re planning on moving to Greenville SC, take a look at this guide of the 8 best neighborhoods to live in.

1. Downtown Greenville

In recent years, Greenville has focused on a major revitalization of its downtown district. The Main Street, for instance, has seen multiple upgrades. These improvements have not only made the district more pedestrian friendly but have also brought in beautiful scenic attractions.

Things you can do in Downtown Greenville include:

  • Horseback riding

  • Kayaking

  • Biking

  • Hiking

  • Golfing

Also, Downtown Greenville is home to various breweries, wineries, and farms!

2. Overbrook

Overbrook is a neighborhood in Greenville that was built in 1913. It is bounded on the east by West Park Avenue; on the south by East North Street; on the west by North Pleasant Drive; and on the northeast by Wade Hampton.

If you love outdoor activities, this family-friendly Greenville neighborhood has various parks. They include Arthur Black Park, Railroad Mini Park, Timmons Park, and Hessie T. Moriah Park. Overbrook is also just minutes away from downtown Greenville.

In Overbrook, you can see or take part in fun shows at the Warehouse Theatre, Center Stage, Little Theatre, Peace Center, and Bon Secours Wellness Arena. Moreover, you can also enjoy jogging, walking, and biking the Swamp Rabbit Trail.

3. Augusta Road Area


Nicknamed “The 05” for the last two digits of its zip code, it is one of Greenville’s most established neighborhoods. Augusta Road Area is located minutes from downtown Greenville and comprises of historic, new, and renovated homes.

Augusta Road Area is arguably one of the most desirable neighborhoods to live in Greenville. It offers the convenience of living close to the heart of the shopping district. You can also enjoy a range of entertainment venues as well as restaurants and recreational centers.

The neighborhood also stacks up high in terms of having some of the best public schools. Some of these schools include Greenville High, Blythe Academy, Augusta Circle Elementary, and Hughes Academy.

4. West End

West End is bounded by College Street to the northwest, South Academy to the north, South Church Street on the south, and Pendleton Street on the east. If you enjoy outdoor activities, this up-and-coming Greenville neighborhood is the perfect choice. It has two parks with a pleasant river running through.

It dates back to the 1830s and has grown to become a vibrant arts and entertainment center. There’re also a variety of interesting shops and highly rated independent restaurants as well. West End is predominantly residential with most of the homes being single family.

5. Alta Vista Real Estate

Due to its proximity to downtown Greenville, Alta Vista is one of Greenville’s most sought-after neighborhoods. It’s located between S Church Street, Augusta Street, and E Faris Road.

The neighborhood is just a hop, skip and jump away from downtown Greenville, The Swamp Rabbit Trail, the Greenville Zoo, and Cleveland Park. In addition, residents also get to enjoy close proximity to amenities such as the best Greenville restaurants, quaint shops, zoos, local parks, and entertainment.

6. Village of West Greenville

Recently, the Village of West Greenville has experienced a resurgence and now features dozens of businesses. Finding a place in the village makes for a shorter commute to work in the morning. That way you can spend less time in the car and more time enjoying the Village of West Greenville’s unique features. For a fun day out, visit the Village’s art galleries, restaurants and shops.

7. Montebello Subdivision

Montebello Subdivision is just minutes from downtown Greenville and is a more upscale neighborhood. It is located on the slopes of Piney Mountain. Built in the late 90s, this exclusive 350-acre community has views that many homeowners wish for.

The architectural design is European-inspired. The Palazzo area features condominiums; The Promenade embodies French country architecture; And the Villaggio di Montebello illustrates Italian-themed architectural design.

Homes at Montebello Subdivision come with hard-to-beat amenities. Some include several parks, tennis courts, a clubhouse, a community pool, and Lake Como.

8. Carilion Neighborhood

Carilion is a very elegantly looking neighborhood in Greenville. Its style is influenced by the designs of 18th century England. There’re more than 200 home slots with 35 acres of parks and gardens.

Just like Montebello Subdivision, Carilion has several interesting spots to see. Amenities in this neighborhood include golf clubs and courses, green spaces, children’s play area, and swimming pool.


Once a center for textile manufacturing, Greenville has rapidly transitioned to become a city with a bit of everything. If you’re planning on moving to Greenville, SC our guide can help you find the best neighborhood to fit your style. If you need help with finding or managing your Greenville residential real estate we are here to help!

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