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We Manage Properties

We own investment properties and know how important the right property manager can be. We will manage your property as if it were our own. You deserve top-notch property management services, simple contracts, and low turnover. Basically, you want a return on your investment. We get that. As Greenville's property managers, we are committed to bringing in long-term tenants, lowering costs, and letting you invest worry-free.

We Partner with Investors

Looking for passive income without all the time and hassle ? We do that. We do all the work and you get a fixed return on your investment. (All investments are secured by a note on a local property.) Invest with your 401k, IRA, self-directed IRA, or personal funds. Short and long term investment opportunities are available.

We Sell Rent-Ready Houses

We transform hard-to-sell houses into gotta-have-it rental properties. When you purchase from us, you're buying a beautiful rent-ready property, Instant income!

We do Project Management

Want to rehab a house? Replace a roof? Our team of fully-vetted and highly qualified professionals knows how to get it done right.

We Are Property Managers

Property management should not be a nuisance. Our goal is to turn your investment properties into money-making machines. If you’re a real estate investor, your life just got easier.

We Get Tenants in Fast

Greenville’s rental market is hot, and your property will be making you money in no time. As soon as you sign the agreement, we’ll get signs in the yard, and listings on Zillow, Hot Pads, Facebook, and more. Sit back, and let the phone ring. (Don’t worry. We’ll answer it.)

We Take Care of Tenants

Our red carpet treatment of tenants begins the moment they call us. We provide personal property showings, background checks, income verification, lease agreements, credit processing, and welcome orientations. You, just relax.

We Take Care of the Property

We are committed to keeping every property in top-notch condition. That’s why we instantly respond to service calls, and fix or replace what’s broken.

We Send You Money

Sit back and watch the money come in. We provide payments on or before the 15th of the month, directly into your bank account. A full online reporting system gives you total oversight of every detail, receipt, and transaction, along with full financial reports via your owners website.

We Do Everything Else

Property management can be complicated. That’s why we create simple month-to-month contracts that are legally airtight and easy to understand. Our services include tenant relations, rent collections, maintenance supervision, market analysis, rate increases, lease renewals, and evictions.

Management fees: $99 Flat Rate Fee per month

For new tenants we require a one-time placement fee to cover marketing and leasing. This fee is 75% of the first month's rent. The placement fee does not come out of your pocket; it is paid for with the first month's rent. After the first month there is a flat fee of only $99 a month for us to manage your property. If we manage 10 or more properties for the same owner the monthly management fee will be reduced to $90 per month.

We Sell Rent-Ready Properties.

The upstate’s housing market is on fire. Since we’re heavily invested in the industry, we find killer deals, scoop them up, fit them out, and sell them off.

That’s where you come in.

Getting good deals is hard. Finding rent-ready deals is even harder. When we find a property, we rehab it according to the area’s target rent range. By the time we’re done, the house is move-in ready.

  • When you purchase the property, you’re buying a cash cow. Many times, we have renters lined up before the property is even finished. Get ready for cash flow from day one.
  • We can manage it for you. As flat-fee full-service property managers, we’re ready to handle things for you.
  • If you’re interested in flipping properties yourself, you can buy them from us at any stage in the rehab process.

We Manage Construction Projects

Have you ever wished you could find a project manager who could quote a project, keep their word, do high-quality work, not rip you off, and leave you highly satisfied?

​You just did.

  • We manage rehabs. From tiny improvements to total rehabs, we’ve seen it all, done it all, and have the before/after pictures to prove it.
  • We take care of the project from A to Z. Hold your Angie’s List subscription. We’ve already found qualified professionals who can do any job. Our strong working relationships with the upstate’s most qualified service providers means that we can say “yes” to your nastiest construction conundrums.
  • We provide free quotes, highly competitive rates, and trustworthy completion.

​Taking on a construction project yourself is a major undertaking. If you want to outsource the hassle, haggling, and headaches, give us a call.

You’ll save buckets of money in the process.

Any Other Good Stuff? Of Course.

  • Tenant placement guarantee - If we place a tenant, and that tenant breaks the lease before the sixth month is paid, we’ll replace the tenant for free — zero placement fee.
  • Non-paying tenant guarantee - If a tenant doesn’t pay prior to the 15th of the month, then we don’t charge you until they have paid the rent.
  • Total transparency - We think hidden costs are dishonest and unfair. We’ll be completely upfront regarding any required repair costs. You will have access to all invoices via your owner's website.